Centralized Lubrication System


Centralized Lubrication System

Hatta trading and services offers a series of service modules in centralized lubrication system that can be combined with each other allowing you to put together an individual service and maintenance concept. Our services are ideally tailored to your needs to meet your most exacting standards.

We would be happy to advise you on all matters and questions relating to your centralised lubrication system. Among other things, this includes calculation and design of components as well as pipe and fitting materials. We also do testing and commissioning of the system which we supplied.

The regular inspection of your centralised lubrication system can avoid unplanned downtimes and significantly increase the operational reliability of your entire plant and equipment. We offer proactive, regular inspections of your entire lubrication system.

Faulty products or products no longer working properly can be returned to us for repair or inspection.

Following a thorough review of the unit, we would be pleased to send you a cost estimate for a repair or, alternatively, offer you a new unit.


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