Industrial software, consultation & training

E2G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. leverages technology and industry experience to help its oil and gas industry clients in the following ways:

  • Deliver high quality consulting services that combine the disciplines required for full life cycle management to maximize the efficiency and productivity of plants by managing risk and controlling fixed-equipment costs.
  • Offer specialized industry training courses in the areas of pressure equipment (pressure vessels, piping, and tankage), materials and corrosion,
    welding, and risk management.
  • Provide proprietary products including PlantManager, API RBI, and SagePlus that help refineries and processing plants maintain their assets
    in a safe, reliable manner.


Managing the Entire Lifecycle

Lifecycle Management is defined as the process of managing the entire lifecycle of fixed pressurized equipment including new construction, in-service use, repair if required, and retirement. The key elements of the LCM framework are Damage Mechanism Identification, Construction codes and standards, in service inspection codes, FFS Standard, and Post Construction & Repair guidelines.

The benefits of implementing a LCM system are improved safety & risk reduction, optimization of construction, management of future maintenance and inspection costs, maximization of equipment availability, and regulatory compliance.


Equity Engineering practices

The Equity Engineering Practices® (EEPs) are a collection of detailed and customizable Best Practices integrated with a customizable management system provided to satisfy the requirements of Process Safety Management (PSM). Originally developed over two decades ago, the EEPs have been used on countless capital and maintenance projects across multiple industry segments and have been continuously updated and expanded to align with changing Recommended and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP) requirements.


Software and tools

E2G software is authored and developed by our experts. Many of whom serve as leaders in industry committees (API/ASME 579, API 581, 520, ASME B31.3) and are focused on continually improving the software with the latest committee approved changes often before they have been published.

E2G’s state-of-the-art software is available as traditional desktop packages and now is offered as WebTool solutions through the Equity Engineering Cloud (eec). The WebTools represent the next generation delivery of our trusted software solutions with the ease and convenience of no installation or maintenance. These cloud-based tools run on any compatible web browser and can be accessed using a smartphone or tablet allowing the user the flexibility to do complex calculations in a user-friendly environment. Updates and improvements are continuously provided on this platform due to its cloud-based nature.